Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Read, Write, Map


Over the past weeks, we have been doing a lot of reading - expanding our environmental imagination through the Environmental Literature course.

Led by our professor Lucas, we indulged our literary senses on some of the greats of environmental lit, such as Wendell Berry, Flannery O'Connor, Lawrence Buell, Edward Abbey, Annie Dillard, Ernest Hemingway, John Muir and Bell Hooks. Their words helped us to learn a great deal about our place and our relationship to the creation. We discussed and wrote about the concept of "place," and worked on how to map our own places. To supplement our understanding of "place" and to consider the text of creation itself, we ventured around Belize a bit.

Big Rock Falls in the Maya Mountains

Mapping our place at the base of the falls...

And of course, we also made time for some slack-lining on campus.

Photo credit: Nina Voli

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