Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God & Nature I

Belize -

We have just finished our first class of the semester with Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat in God and Nature I. Throughout the week we immersed ourselves in scripture learning more of who God is, who we have been made to be, and the sort of ethic we should have in how we relate to one another and the land.

The Black Orchid is Belize's national orchid and a beautiful flower of creation found right here on campus!

On Monday evening we celebrated Sara's birthday with a Star Wars themed party that included light saber battles, searching for the lost Jedi, a Potoo, and some really good chocolate brownie ice cream dessert.

Gellie (SLC), Sarah (Gordon), Flora (Staff), Kirsten (Bethel), and Kelsey (Bethel), chop up bell peppers, garlic, and variety of other ingredients for cooking and canning salsa.

Part of our class involved implementing some of what we learned by cooking Sylvia's famous salsa and canning it. For many of us it was our first time canning anything, but with Sylvia's talented instruction it tasted great and we got quite a few quarts of salsa for the rest of the semester.

Photo compliments to Nina Voli for this last picture.

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