Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Escapades in Community

Although the ending of such an excellent semester can bring some sadness, there are far too many great things still left to do that keep us learning and excited, delighting in creation and each other.  One such event is the Trash Art Show.  We spent a morning picking up trash on our roadside, and were enlightened to discover that one person's trash...

Brittany (Bethel) and Sara (Gordon) toting their spoils
...becomes another person's art!

Lindsay's (Messiah) award-winning piece of art, previously in the form of trash
We also took some time for swimming in the river, visiting caves, and of course a healthy dose of competition via the 2nd Semiannual CCSP Belize Small Group Olympics.  It was a fierce battle of wills between "The Power Rangers," "Team Dominion," and "The Lost Boys."  To test the skills we have all gained in Belize, we engaged in such rigors as:

Lightsaber wars,

Nina the Lost Boy versus Flora from Team Dominion

Lindsay the purple Power Ranger securing approximately 17 limes for her team
Staring contests,

A stoic confrontation between Student Life Coordinators, Gellie (Lost Boys) and Josh (Power Rangers)
...and many more.  The competition was tough from all sides, but after much striving and struggling, The Lost Boys managed to come out on top.  Peter Pan would be proud.

On such exciting notes, the semester reached its finality.  By now we have all said our goodbyes, campus is quiet, and we are already missing each other... Thank you all for the beautiful community we formed here these months, and may God guide you in applying back home what He taught you in Belize!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Salty Classrooms

While we could learn a lot about marine ecosystems by exclusively reading books or hearing lectures, here at CCSP we maintain that one of the most effective learning tools is immersion - literally - into the great sea itself.  Our expert professor, Ian Johnston from Bethel University, enjoyed sharing his love of corals with us as we snorkeled through some of Belize's most beautiful reefs.

Punctual and prepared for class.  Yes, this is class

Pencil urchins, parrotfish, brittle stars, sea hares, conch and stingrays were only a few of the creatures we discovered; but they all taught us a lot about their home, and how our lives on the land affect theirs in the water.

Kelsey and Kirsten (Bethel) learning about a sea hare and a pencil urchin, firsthand
We are so privileged to be able to explore these habitats and encounter such an array of amazing (and sometimes bizarre) organisms.  May we all have the wisdom and courage to promote their health and survival for many generations to come.

Waves breaking on the reef crest at Glover's Atoll